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We are happy to announce our new partner Solvet

Solvet not only offers Ex-certified tools from Safety Tools Allmet. But also environmentally conscious products and services to a range of industries with a key focus on corrosion prevention, control, and inhibition, and plant efficiency improvements.

Solvet is centered around finding ways to improve customers’ bottom line in the long term by targeting corrosion prevention, inhibition & management and improving plant efficiency. Solvet provides unique, hand-picked products, services, and partners that match their goals.

Environmental focus

Solvet has a high environmental focus, offering safe and biodegradable chemicals.
Environmental sustainability is one of their key principles.

You can read more about Solvet on their website.

Request for quotation

Solvet now offers our ATEX / Ex certified grinding and cutting tools for the Oceania market.

Feel free to contact Solvet to get a quotation for our tools.

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