A-0045 – 2019 Campaign-solution

2019 campaign suitacese v.1 is developed for general corrosion maintenance and surface preparation.

Technical data
  • Size: 20x37x57cm
  • Weight: 8,2kg


2019 campaign suitacese v.1

It will help you stay ahead of your maintenance schedule and avoid extra cost.
This kit contains two of our Ex Air Tools, seven of our cold Grinding files. It will pay for itself many times over by avoiding delays and shutdowns. It is Ex certified as safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 & 2 and dust zones 21 & 22. It is used around the globe.

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our Solutions are designed around Health Safety & the Environment (HMS / HSE & OSHA) offering low vibration, low heat and low noise. The fragments produced are large, blunt and will stay all within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleanup simple and safe.

Long lasting

Safety Tools files and disc should not be thought disposables because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over a decade in the North Sea. Our customers often say that our files and disc last hundreds of times longer than conversional high quality grinding files and disc.