A-0052 – Wrap Solution

Our Wrap Solution was developed for the increasingly popular wrap repair industry.

Technical data
  • Size: 43x34x18,5cm
  • Weight: 9,3kg


Some key advantages with Wrap Solution

This solution was tested, endorsed and is now used around the world for surface preparation. Its main uses are; pipelines rehabilitation, pipe support reinforcement and general plant maintenance. This Safety Tools Solution keeps your repairs and maintenance Cold.

Its strong adhesion profile, ease of use and Cold Work benefits make this the recommended and endorsed cold solution for the wrap industry and general plant maintenance.

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our Solutions are designed around Health Safety & the Environment (HMS / HSE & OSHA) offering low vibration, low heat and low noise. The fragments produced are large, blunt and will stay all within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleanup simple and safe.

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Safety Tools files and disc should not be thought disposables because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over a decade in the North Sea. Our customers often say that our files and disc last hundreds of times longer than conversional high quality grinding files and disc.

Proposed application areas:

Aluminiums preparasjon

Bunnstreng sliping Start & Stop.

Chartek fjerning

Coil Tube chamfer prep & ID sveisefjerning

Korrigerende vedlikehold på plattformene

Korrosjonsvedlikehold på skip



Overflate vedlikehold av motorrommet

Flens vedlikehold

Sliping og fjerning av Chartech fiberbelegg

Slipe og overflatebehandling på rørledninger

Slipe små radius hull

Slipe i åpninger med trang tilgang (Grating)

I ballasttanker

Inne i lastetanker

Innvendig H Beams korrosjons vedlikehold og fjerning av maling

Inne i pumpe rom


Mekanisk vedlikehold

DT - destruktiv test (stress / sprekker)

Pinn hulls korrosjon

Fjern belegg i lag

Fjern belegg fra ventiler

Inne i pumpe rom

Fjern korrosjon fra ventiler

Fjern korrosjon på små bolter

Fjerning av skarpe kanter



Vinsj Vedlikehold


Med mer

Our Grinding and Cutting Solutions come safely packed in a custom Pelicase lined with pink anti-static foam and include:




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Pneumatiske motordiagrammer

Risiko Analyse

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