A-0087 – Operator suitcase

The Operator Suitcase has been developed for operation of automated cutting solutions. It can be used with SafetyTools Cutting Guide Jr(cutting of straight surfaces) and PipEx(Pipe cutting).

Technical data

Weight: 14 kg
Dimensions: 41x34x17 cm


Features of the operator briefcase

  • Emergency Stop-  shuts of air to the entire system (Except vacuum).
  • Cylinder Arm-  This controls the cylinder that controls up and down of the Fuji Grinder. It has a “lock” middle position for more manual control of the grinder. Can be used for the finalcut. (Contact SafetyTools for more information)
  • Cylinder wagon/cutting wagon-  this controls the air engine that drives the cutting wagon.
    You can go forward, stop or backwards.
  • Cylinder pressure-  you can set 2 different pressures on the regulators. The switch allows
    the operator to quickly switch between two pressures.
  • High / Low Pressure- The two regulators can be adjusted separately to different pressures
    and therefor controlling the force the cylinder pressure the Fuji angle grinder down (depends
    on material, thickness and where in the cutting process you are, contact SafetyTools if you
    have any questions. Always regulate the pressure so that the cutting machine is running
    without stops or reduced speed.
  • Cutting Engine- this turns the grinder on or off.
  • Vacuum- This is an option on the cutting guide. If applicable it turns on/off the vacuum attachment device.