Paint blistering

Paint blistering

Paint blistering

Improper surface treatment and improper use of pre-treatment tools can be one of several causes of paint blistering.


Ensure correct pre-treatment and surface treatment, as well as paint application.

Pre-treatment tools for ATEX gas zones

By using the right pre-treatment tool, you can prevent and avoid paint blistering.
Our cold solutions come with many benefits, including:

  • No need for Hot Work Permit – Due to Ex-certification.
  • Use less time on risk evaluations – Due Cold Work certification.
  • Avoids postponements – As you can use the tool safely, you do not have to postpone jobs.
  • No need for Habitats – You will not ignite gas or damage equipment around you.
  • No need for fireguards – No ignition of Natural gas.
  • Avoid production stop/delays.
Non-sparking grinding tools Safety Tools Allmet

The statements above are accomplished by reducing heat, noise, and vibration. Which creates a safer working environment where you potentially save lives, protect human health, and save money.

  • No Hearing injuries – Noise <85 dB
  • No “White fingers”  – Vibration Level <2,5 ms²
  • No Toxic damage  – no release of isocyanides when grinding through the polyurethane
  • No Fire Injuries
  • No Explosion accidents – Temperature <70°
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