Grinding solutions

A-0044 Transparent with Ex logo
A-0057 safety tools allmet

ATEX-certified grinding solutions. All our grinding solutions come packaged in Pelicase with customized foam.
Performed spot repair without “Hot work permit”

Grinding solutions

Cutting solutions

A-0300 - Combined Cutting and Weld Removal Solution
A-0301 Cold cutting solution

ATEX certified COLD cutting solutions. Our special cutting discs, A-0502 and A-0503, are effective for cutting in and out of ATEX-gas zones 1 and 2.

Cutting solutions

Rotating grinding burrs and disc

A-0010 Rough Boy
A-0500 - Grinding disc for paint - slipedisk A-0500 - Grinding disc for paint

See our ATEX-certified rotating grinding burrs and discs included in our grinding solutions.

Rotating grinding burrs and disc

Accessories and Custom tools

Pipe Bungee A-0415
Cutting Guide Compact A-0420 Side

We offer robotic, semi-automatic and manual support tools for our ATEX-certified products.

Accessories Custom tools
Safety Tools Allmet

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