Files and disks from Safety Tools Allmet AS

suitable for subsea work

Video of divers using Safety Tools grinding files at 3m depth.

Coating maintenance and surface treatment

Safety Tools Allmet has for more than two decades delivered unique grinding and cutting tools that is perfect for surface and mechanical treatment. The tool give a surface profile that is possible to paint directly on. It also gives great adhesion. Due to no airborne dust or no flying particles you will not damage paint or equipment near where you work. Easy to clean.

In this video we use A-0056 (Rough boy solution) to remove paint. This is our best and most efficient way to remove paint and corrosion from flat surfaces.

Safety Tools Cutting Solutions -

Handheld, sparkless cutting

Safety Tools has a 5mm cutting plate that is suitable for cutting pipes, tires and bolts and a 10mm welding disc is perfect for removing fillets.

In this video, we use an A-0301 (Cutting Solution) with a 5 mm cutting disc. We also use an A-0410 (pendulum arm) to make the cutting easier.

The cutting solution can also be used to cut pipes.

Here we use weld removal disk A-0503 to springs an M20 bolt