Safety Tools Allmet specializes in unique cold work surface preparation grinding and cutting tools.

Our equipment follows ATEX guidelines and is certified safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 and 2 (dust zones 21 and 22) without a hot work permit.

Safety Tools Allmet has been safely used worldwide for over two decades, offering substantial health, safety & environmental benefits.

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Ex-certified Cold work grinding and cutting tools

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Cold working Ex-certified tools for use in ATEX environments

Safety Tools Allmet provides Norwegian-made non-sparking grinding and cutting tools. Our Ex-certified tools are used in many sectors, such as energy, oil and gas, mining, marine and maritime.

You can use Safety Tools Allmet tools everywhere. Weld removal, drilling deck projects, deck plate removal, topside pipe cutting, grating removal, pinhole corrosion, bolt removal, edge smoothing, valve corrosion, stuck bolts, paint removal, topcoat removal, steel removal, and much more.

Non-sparking grinding tools Safety Tools Allmet

Non-Sparking Grinding tools

Our surface preparation tools are ATEX-certified for use in explosive environments and conform to the SSPC SP11 surface treatment standard after grinding.

Non-sparking cutting tools Safety Tools Allmet / Steel removal

Non-Sparking Cutting tools

ATEX-Certified for use in explosive environments. Cut steel, and remove weld with ease.

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