Spot Corrosion Calculator

We have created a Spot Calculator to calculate prices per spot 5×5 cm.

Buying for the first time you need Rotating file + Air tool (operating engine)

Cost per spot = Rotating file + air tool / Numbers of spot rotating file repairs

Check our inventory or reach out for more information below.

Corroded surface before and after treatment

How to use the calculator

Choose product and click add product button to open the Calculator and add product.
You can add several products.

Do the same with air tools.
Choose the air tools you have and click add to the calculator.

Total spots of your selection will be visible in the calculator
If you add your price to the products and the air tools you have selected, then the price pr spot will show.

Spot Calculator
Product Image Spot Price
Air Tool Image Price
Total Spot 0
Price Pr. Spot 0