Spot Corrosion Calculator

We have created a Spot Calculator to calculate price per spot, 5×5 cm.

First time you will need one of our rotating files and a air tool (operating engine)
How the calculation works:

Cost per spot = Rotating file + air tool / Number of spot rotating file repairs

Spot repair safety tools
Spot Calculator 2
Spot Calculator

Corroded surface before and after treatment

How to use the calculator

1. Choose «product» and click «add product» to open the Calculator and add product. The calculator will then open.
You may add as many products as you wish.

2. Choose air tool and click «Add Air Tool»
Choose the air tools you have and click add to the calculator.

3. Enter price received from our sales department and you will see correct price per spot.
You will also see the amount of spot that you can remove with the selected items.

Spot Calculator
Product Image Spot Price
Air Tool Image Price
Total Spot 0
Price Pr. Spot 0