Introduction to Cold Pad

Cold Pad↵ provides durable composite bonding & fastening solutions to facilitate structural maintenance, retrofit & upgrade operations while reducing OPEX by eradicating associated costs. They deliver unique, painless, and non-intrusive cold works with limitless applications for all steel and concrete structures in power generation, hydrogen value chain, offshore wind turbines, shipping, and Oil & Gas storage facilities.

FPSO & FSO operations require regular works on tertiary steel, like cable trays, pipe supports, skids, ladders, handrails, etc. While such jobs would be easy through hot works in most industries, the typical FPSO explosive environment raises challenges.

Indeed, welded solutions may impact safety and production, sometimes even requiring paint touch-ups on the back of the structures and confined space entry.

Side costs end up costing more than the equipment itself!


Cold solution for a reliable, durable, and universal fastening solution

When you need a fastening solution in Ex gas zones, the C-CLAW™↵ might be the perfect product for the job.

A non-intrusive, heavy-duty fastener with a process-controlled installation.
Quick, reliable, and durable fastening solution for outfitting, maintenance, and modification operations of cable trays, pipe supports, skids, handrails, ladders, and more….

  • Permanent Structural Repairs
  • Extreme durability
  • Cold Techniques. No hot works
  • For pipe supports, skids, ladders, stairs, and much more!
Cold-Pad C-Claw
Cold Pad C-Claw pictures

Cold work surface preparation – Weld seam removal

Safety Tools Allmet offers long-lasting, efficient tools for the job when you need cold-work-certified surface preparation tools. For both cutting and surface grinding preparation.

An example from Cold Pad was a job for doubler plate removal.

Firstly, a plan for removal with visuals for how to access the weld with the A-0503 disc. As a part of the A-0302 Weld removal kit.

Weld removal disc / A-0503 disc in action

Planning the removal of weld seam

Job suggestion before weld removal

When planning was done, it was time for the main job—removing the weld seam.