Case study: Pipe repair on an offshore platform

Case study by Perspect

Leakage of air line

A leak occurred in a pipeline at a large offshore location in the North Sea, within the Benelux. This leak (in an ATEX zone) has been remedied in accordance with the repair instructions drawn up by Perspect Benelux. The specialists of Perspect Benelux are experts in the field of leakage seals, especially within ATEX zones.

The medium of this pipe is very aggressive air. This resulted in increasing corrosion and limited leakage.

Rusted pipeline

The repair instructions

The repair advice for this leak consists of the following 7 steps:

  1. Roughen the whole (all around) with the ATEX Tools (A-0004, A-0107)

Creating the right surface profile

For the right surface preparation, Perspect decided to use the rotating file A-0004 (Little Papa). The decision was made because the A-0004 has an average surface profile of 83 μm. This is exactly what was required for the Belzona repair products.

  1. Degrease completely, with the Belzona 9111.
  2. Belzona 1111 Mixing.
  3. Apply the first coat of Belzona 1111 with a short-haired brush.
  4. Belzona 1111, with the Belzona 9341 reinforcement plate applied.
  5. Cover completely with the Belzona 1111 to a completely even layer.
  6. Allow to cure completely to full strength. At 20 degrees this is 24 hours.

This repair is a complete cold solution and avoids welding and hot surface preparation. The leak-sealing team of Perspect works with the EX-certified Allmet Safety Tools. Creating the right surface profile within ATEX zones is possible thanks to the patented tools of Allmet Safety Tools.

For this leak repair, there was no need for any hot work permits, no-risk evaluations, no job delay, no need for habitats, no need for fireguards, no hot sparks, no emission of isocyanates.

Grinded pipeline
Coating applied front
Coating applied side