Ex-certified Flashlights

Safety Tools Allmet offers flashlights for Ex zones. You can find detailed information for each type of lamp in the product brochure below. The tools have been used all over the world since 1992.

Technical information

Non-sparking hand tools made in Germany. All the hand tools that Safety Tools Allmet offers are BAM-certified.

This certificate ensures that the materials we make our tools of are applicable in explosion-endangered zone 1 / 21 according to the European guideline 199/92/EG for all explosion groups defined under IEC 60079:2004 section 0. The scope of explosion-endangered zones was changed from Zone 0 / 20 to zone 1 / 21 according to TRBS 2152 section 3 attachment sentence (2).

Explosion prevention ATEX = ATmosphere Explosible

ATEX 137 (118), also called guideline 99/2/EG, is responsible for the safety of persons at commissioning, operation, and attendance of explosive plants.
Corresponding ATEX 99/92/EC Endres Tools are to be used in Ex-Zones.
Since July 2003, only operating material, which conforms to this guideline, is allowed to be placed into circulation.


Because of its application methods, non-sparking tools have to be softer than conventional tools. For this reason, the use of these tools has to be used with special care. Overstraining has to be avoided.

The use of non-sparking tools must not be the only preventive measurement in areas of fire and explosion risk.
For overall protection of staff and equipping, please follow the instructions of your professional association.

Detailed user guideline