A-0009B – Big Boy B

Used to remove paint and steel from flat surfaces and pipes. There are ball barrings in the head of the file that make flat grinding smooth and precise. Primarily used with our A-0104 Angle Grinder with the A-0060 Handle Adapter.

Technical data
  • Total length – 95mm
  • Teeth length– 32mm
  • Weight – 340g


Introduction to the grinding file

A-0009B – Big Boy B Is used to remove paint and steel from flat surfaces and pipes. The grinding file is either attached to our straight grinder or angle grinder, certified safe to use in ATEX↵ gas zone 1 and 2 and ATEX dust zone 21 and 22. Stop the need for time-consuming risk analysis and cost bound to shutdowns, fireguards, Hot Work permits↵, habitats, and demanding clean-up work.

Frequently asked questions

The maximum operating temperature is 60°C
The maximum noise level during use is 81dB
The estimated lifetime of the grinding file is 24 000 Spot (5x5cm)

Health, Safety, and the Environment

Our grinding products are designed to comply with Health Safety & the Environment (HSE & OSHA) requirements. They offer low vibration, low heat, and low noise levels. The fragments produced are large, blunt, and will stay within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. As a result, this makes cleaning up simple and safe.


Our Ex-certified rotating grinding files and discs should not be treated as normal consumer goods because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over two decades in the North Sea. Our customers often state that our rotating grinding files and discs last hundreds of times longer than conventional high-quality grinding files and discs.

Micrometer result

Average of 63 µm surface using this grinding file.
The result after grinding follows the SSPC SP-11 surface treatment standard.






Ex-certified grinding without «hot work permit»

A-0009 - Big Boy spot grinding

Proposed application areas:

Surface spot grinding

Corrective maintenance on platforms

Corrosion maintenance on ships

Engine room surface maintenance

Mechanical maintenance

Topside corrosion maintenance

Grinding and surface preparation on live fixed pipelines

Remove coating in layers

And many more