Steel beams

Taking a look at the mechanical pre-treatment of steel beams, whether H-Beams, I-Beams, or U-Beams.

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Pre-treatment of steel beams

Our tool is well suited for the mechanical pre-treatment of many steel beams. Whether it is H-Beams, I-Beams, or U-Beams. Our grinding and cutting tools have ATEX certification for the following materials:
Stainless steel 316
Steel ST52
ASTM B265 Titan
Austenitic stainless steel

Recommended solutions for Beams

A–0047 – Coating Maintenance Solution
A–0048 – Coating Maintenance Solution Eco
A–0049 – Surface Solution small
A–0052 – Wrap Solution
A–0054 – All–Around Solution
A–0055 – Ship Owners Solution
A–0057 – All Around with Rough Boy Solution
A–0058 – Steel Grinding Solution
A–0059 – Surface Protection Solution