A-0108 Fuji Angle Grinder (FAS-1X-50)

Custom designed air tool that can only be purchased from Safety Tools Allmet or one of our exclusive importers. Specially designed to use with our A-0010 Rough Boy and A-0009C Big Boy C grinding files in potentially explosive work areas – hot work permit not necessary.

Technical data
  • Speed – 2000rpm
  • weight – 842g
  • Lenght – 230mm
  • Diameter – 36mm
  • Max Air Cons. – 0,56 m3/min
  • Temperature Marking – T3
  • Air inlet – 1/4″ NPT

Category Tag

Health, Safety and the Environment

Our products are designed to comply with Health Safety & the Environment (HSE & OSHA) requirements, offering low vibration, low heat, and low noise levels. The fragments produced are large, blunt, and will stay within a few centimetres/inches of your work area. This makes cleaning up simple and safe.

Long lasting

Safety Tools Allmet files and discs should not be treated as normal consumer goods because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over a decade in the North Sea. Our customers often state that our files and discs last hundreds of times longer than conventional high-quality grinding files and discs.

Grinding files attachable to the air tool:

A-0108 Fuji Angle Grinder (FAS-1X-50) -2
A-0108 Fuji Angle Grinder (FAS-1X-50) -1