A-0300 – Combined Cutting and Weld Removal Solution

Our Combined Cutting and Weld Removal Solution is the most optimal system for cold cutting and weld removals– Hot Work Permit not necessary.

Technical data
  • Size: 80X45X64cm
  • Weight: 44kg


Combined Cutting and Weld Removal Solution

This kit contains our Ex-certified air tools, cold Cutting disc, and Weld Seam Removal Disc. Also, unique to our Cutting Solutions, a water control box is used to regulate the flow of water and air to optimize safe performance. By using ATEX-certified tools from Safety Tools Allmet, you will reduce time spent on demanding risk assessments and cut costs related to shutdowns, fireguards, hot work permits, habitats, and demanding cleanup work.

The tools are Ex-certified as safe to use in ATEX gas zones 1 and 2↵ and ATEX dust zones 21 and 22.

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our products are designed to comply with Health Safety & the Environment (HSE & OSHA) requirements, offering low vibration, low heat, and low noise levels. The fragments produced are large, blunt, and will stay within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleaning up simple and safe.


Safety Tools Allmet Cutting and Weld Removal Discs are very durable. With an experienced user, our discs will cut and mill approximately 12 meters in length and 8 to 12mm deep if a helping system is used. Such as Cutting Guide CompactPendulum Arm, or the Cutting Guide Jr. The lifespan of the disc more than doubles. The water from the water control box acts as a lubricant to add life to our discs. It also brings our Cutting Solutions down to an Atex T4 rating.

The solution contains:

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Some proposed application areas:

Cutting in engine room

Cutting in explosive atmospheres

Topside pipe cutting

Topside weld removal

Cutting projects in refineries

Removing deck plates

Cutting stuck bolt heads

Drilling deck projects

Weld removal

Weld removal projects in refineries

Grating removal

And much more!

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