A-0320 – Cutting Guide Jr

Cutting guide Jr is a portable, automated cutting solution for work in Ex/Hazardous areas. It is designed to help our cutting tools cut through steel perfectly, and can be mounted on walls and even on the ceiling. The cutting process is controlled by a pneumatic remote operator station where the operator is in control of all functions on the guide.

Guide and User manual download
Technical data
  • Size guide: 184x44x54cm
  • Weight guide: 120Kg
  • Standard size: 80X45X64cm
  • Standard weight : 39kg


Some key advantages with Cutting guide Jr.

The guide is built with safety in mind and is built in ANSI316 with an antistatic sleeve guard around the pneumatic hose bundle connecting the operator station, water control box, and guide. There is also grounding between the parts.

The cutting guide cuts about 1m of 8mm thick steel in an hour (depends on the steel and disk), and the cutting disk lasts about 20-30m of cutting (depends on steel type and operator). The guide is delivered in a standard length of about 2,2m with a cutting length of about 1,4m.

There is no need for downtime due to vibrations or high noise to the operator, and therefore you can operate the machine without downtime. The Guide is delivered in easy to assemble parts and is ready to use in about 30 min by an experienced operator.

Length and spec can be modified on request

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our products are designed to comply with Health Safety & the Environment (HSE & OSHA) requirements, offering low vibration, low heat, and low noise levels. The fragments produced are large, blunt, and will stay within a few centimetres/inches of your work area. This makes cleaning up simple and safe.

Long lasting

Safety Tools Cutting and Weld Removal Discs are very durable. With an experienced end-user, our discs will cut and mill approximately 12 meters in length and 8 to 12mm deep. If an automated system is used, the lifespan of the disc more than doubles. The water from the water control box acts as a lubricant to add life to our discs. It also brings our Cutting Solutions down to a T4 rating. Both our Cutting Disc & Weld Removal Disc can be re-cut up to three times.

This product contains

Air tool
Cutting disc
Custom tool
  • A-0310 Water Control Box
Proposed application areas:

Topside weld removal

Topside deck removal

Removing deck plates

Drilling deck projects

Weld removal

Weld removal projects in refinaries

And many more

This Cutting Solution come safely packed in a custom Pelicase lined with pink anti-static foam and include:

DNV certification

EC Declaration

User manual

Quality control checklist

Pneumatic engine diagrams

Analysis for risk report

Ex tools and accessories