Spot repair

Spot repair

Spot Repair

Spot repair is a familiar term for most pre-treatment work within surface preparation.

Spot repair involves removing damaged or deteriorated parts of paint. And associated pollution followed by replacement with a new paint coating. This helps to extend the life of the paint coating with minimal maintenance.

Spot repair maintenance on coatings is a constant process. In actual fact, it is a necessity to ensure the coating system is performing optimally and protecting the underlying asset substrate.

The alternative is a complete renewal of a coating system that has deteriorated beyond practical spot repair due to lack of maintenance. So, of course, the option to perform regular spot repair is a smart one.

What type of tools you use for the pre-treatment makes a huge difference. Conventional tools, for example, might hurt more than they heal.
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Spot Repair Maintenance – Do conventional grinding discs hurt more than they heal?

The size of spot repair areas can be vastly different and are often spread over larger areas. When we discuss spot repair, we divide them into 5×5 cm areas to give an estimated lifetime of our tools and reasonable estimates for different uses.

Cold work – mechanical pre-treatment tool

Ex-certified cold work surface preparation tools from Safety Tools Allmet will give a good clean surface with a profile, meeting the SSPC-SP11 Surface Preparation Standard requirements.

SSPC-SP11 Surface Preparation Standard is suitable where a roughened, clean, bare metal surface free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, rust, coating, oxides, mill scale, corrosion products, and other foreign matter is required, but where abrasive blasting is not feasible or permissible.

Spot repair 5×5 cm

Spot Reparasjon dekkflate
Spot Reparasjon dekkflate under trapp
Spot Reparasjon bjelke
Spot Reparasjon bjelke
Spot repair beams
Spot repair wall
Spot repair safety tools
A-0005 spot repair / Surface Profile / cold work

How to use the calculator

1. Choose «product» and click «add product» to open the Calculator and add product. The calculator will then open.
You may add as many products as you wish.

2. Choose air tool and click «Add Air Tool»
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3. Enter the price received from our sales department and you will see the correct price per spot.
You will also see the number of spots that you can remove with the selected items.

You will also see the number of spots that you can remove with the selected items.

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