A-0055 – Ship Owners Solution

Our Ship Owner solution was developed for general corrosion removal maintenance and surface preparation for ships. This solution will help you stay ahead of the maintenance schedule on board and avoid major costs with unplanned land docking.

Technical data
  • Size: 54x21x44cm
  • Weight: 15kg


Some key advantages with Ship Owners Solution

This solution is optimal for corrosion maintenance, spot repair, and mechanical surface pre-treatment. By using ATEX-certified tools from Safety Tools Allmet, you will reduce time spent on demanding risk assessments and cut all costs related to shutdowns, fireguards, hot work permits, habitats, and demanding cleanup work. Our Ship Owners Solution is custom designed to offer the best ship maintenance tools.

Ship Owners Solution contains one straight grinder, one angle grinder, three rotating grinding files, and our grinding disc for paint.

The air tools, grinding files, and grinding disc are Ex-certified as safe to use in ATEX gas zones 1 and 2↵ and ATEX dust zones 21 and 22.

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our grinding products are designed to comply with Health Safety & the Environment (HSE & OSHA) requirements, offering low vibration, low heat, and low noise levels. The fragments produced are large, blunt, and will stay within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleaning up simple and safe.


Safety Tools Allmet files and discs should not be treated as normal consumer goods because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over a decade in the North Sea. Our customers often state that our files and discs last hundreds of times longer than conventional high-quality grinding files and discs.

The solution contains:

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A-0003 – Straight Cone – Life expectancy of 9600 Spot (5x5cm)
Creates an average surface roughness of 44μm (Micrometer)

A-0003 - Straight Cone

A-0005 – Round Boy – Life expectancy of 9600 Spot (5x5cm)
Creates an average surface roughness of 53μm (Micrometer)

A-0005 - Round Boy slipefil / A-0005 - Round Boy

A-0004 – Little Papa – Life expectancy of 12,000 Spot (5x5cm)
Creates an average surface roughness of 83μm (Micrometers)

A-0004 - Little Papa slipefil / A-0004 - Little Papa

A-0500 – Grinding disc for paint – Life expectancy of 32,000 Spot (5x5cm)
Creates an average surface roughness of 72μm (Micrometers)

A-0500 - Grinding disc for paint

DNV certificate
User manual
Quality control checklist
Pneumatic engine diagrams
Analysis of risk report
Ex-tools and accessories

The total lifetime of all the grinding files and disks in this solution is 63 200 spots. (5×5 cm)
You find the individual lifetime of grinding files and disks in the listing above, as well as the surface roughness µm. (Micrometer)
Calculate your costs with our spot calculator.

*Lifetime depends on material type and coating/paint.

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