Corrosion maintenance

Corrosion maintenance

Corrosion Maintenance – Steel and Titanium

Mechanical pre-treatment and corrosion maintenance are our specialties. We offer ATEX-certified grinding and cutting solutions that have many different application areas and are already known in the market for their high efficiency and long life.

Safety Tools Allmet has for over 23 years delivered unique grinding and cutting tools that are perfect to use for both mechanical grinding and cutting as well as preparation and repair work within surface treatment.

  • Stainless steel 316
  • Steel ST52
  • Titan
  • ASTM B265 Titan
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • 6MO

Corrosion maintenance –  pipe

Corrosion maintenance Flange / pipe

Our cold solutions provide a surface profile that corresponds to and resembles a sandblasted surface. The result allows you to paint directly on a grinded surface, and you get good paint adhesion. Tests done by several paint manufacturers show very good adhesion results.

The tool generates no airborne dust and all fragments fall down where you work. Ensuring that the surrounding equipment is not damaged. The fragments are blunt and can easily be removed after finishing or during the task.

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